9 Tips to be taken before buying a villa in Sitges

Advantages of renting a villa in Sitges.
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February 13, 2017
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April 7, 2017
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9 Tips to be taken before buying a villa in Sitges

buying a villa in sitges.

If you are considering buying a villa in Sitges, you should know that this is one of the best times, due to the wide offer and prices that we currently find in the market. This magnificent city offers a wide range of homes for purchase or rent ranging from flats, apartments to even chalets and luxury homes.

The proliferation of tourism in the locality and the influence of the real estate boom caused that the construction of chalets soared. Dream pools, spacious gardens and sea views are some of the features you can find in the villas in Sitges. In La Clau Elite, today we will tell you several factors that you should consider before deciding on that property that has conquered you. Keep reading!

9 things you should consider before buying a villa

1. Compares between the offer that is presented in the locality. Our first advice is to focus on what you want and analyze the real estate offers, reading the fine print, do not want to suffer unexpected setbacks.

2. Consider your standard of living, maybe you can afford a luxury villa after a lot of effort, but can you keep it afterwards? The town of Sitges is basically based on tourism that comes from foreign countries, the inhabitants of the municipality usually live off fishing and marine activities. Due to this tourism boom, the standard of living in the locality is very high, being of the most expensive Catalan areas near towns such as Castelldefels.

3. If you decide to acquire a villa in Sitges, look for a villa with a wide range of amenities like garage, several rooms, several bathrooms, a good garden … You must be aware that you are investing a good amount of money in This property, so you must take advantage and demand quality and comforts, which will get you do not regret the decision.

4. Think if your lifestyle is in accordance with the locality where you want to settle your home. The rhythm of life of each person is different and must be according to the place where we live. Sitges is a quiet municipality where you can enjoy a full life, as long as you can afford it. The lifestyle is healthier and relaxed compared to the big city of Barcelona.

5. It considers that Sitges is a locality in which the treatment between the neighbors will be much closer than the one that you will be accustomed if you come from a great city, this has many advantages like the tranquility in the streets and the relaxed atmosphere, but also can It will be awkward to feel that everyone knows things in your life. Despite the great wave of tourism in Sitges, it is still a locality.

6. You must choose a house with several square meters of more compared to the average of the rest of the Catalan houses. This is due to the fact that frequently in the outskirts of the city is enjoyed housing with more space, which is a great advantage in the times that run.

7. Debate at home with people with whom you go to live the pros and cons of buying a villa in Sitges. Each one has a rhythm of life, some goals, some plans … that can be seen trucados if we change of address and we are going to settle in a locality of the outskirts.

8. Shuffle the time and expense factor in transport, despite the proximity of the city of Barcelona, ​​daily move to the capital in case you have your work there, you will not find it so comfortable. You will spend more money on fuel and parking, and we must keep in mind that you are also spending some time that you may not value.

9. Seek advice on a real estate agent that is in charge of managing properties in this locality. A real estate agent will inform you of all the benefits offered by Sitges in your life, and that will guide you when buying a luxury home in Sitges.

Buying a villa in Sitges: a great investment

At La Clau Elite we want to help you find your ideal home among our extensive portfolio of exclusive homes. Whether you are a foreigner or a resident, and you are looking to buy a house to spend your vacation, or want to turn this Mediterranean place into your residence for the whole year, in Sitges you will find the ideal place to disconnect from the big city, stroll along a sandy beach Golden and breathe the culture and history of this city.

If you want to get an idea of ​​the advantages of buying a villa in Sitges, then we show you one of our outstanding villas … You will surely love it!

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