Advantages of living on the outskirts of Barcelona

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Advantages of living on the outskirts of Barcelona


Many people today are considering living in surrounding areas to large urban capitals. The main reasons for such a decision are the prices of the properties, for example in Badalona or Sant Just Desvern, housing prices and rents are much cheaper than those offered in Barcelona. Another major reason is related to quality of life, for example, if you adquirieras a villa in Sitges owned or rented because you have decided to choose this coastal population, not just number them with a quality property that is upgraded with time, but also also you’ll enjoy the sea air, the possibility of hiking, a variety of gastronomic specialties and the possibility to enjoy every year the festival horror film.

But if you wonder even why people decide to abandon the benefits provided living downtown, especially in terms of ease of transportation, leisure centers and the convenience of having all the services that modern life promises. Here we discuss the advantages of living in outlying areas to the city of Barcelona.

Why is better to live on the outskirts of Barcelona?

Living on the outskirts of Barcelona

The answer to the question is simple, and therefore we will answer you with enumerating the 6 major many advantages of living on the outskirts of Barcelona.

  1. Lower housing prices: In most of the surrounding villages to Barcelona, ​​the average price of a property is well below the requirements of the capital. However in tourist areas this advantage is not met, for example in Sitges or Castelldefels, the average price may far exceed those offered in the very Barcelona, ​​but the benefits of the place also far exceed those of the capital.
  2. roomier Floors: In the border areas properties tend to offer greater amount of square meters, the reason is obvious, not being of sites populous inhabitants can afford to own a home with a large lot, terrace, room for visits and even a storeroom.
  3. Fewer costs: Generally these border areas have a rate much lower than those required in the capital tax. Electricity rates and generally all services are much cheaper, and the price of clothing, supplies, food, up expenses gym, everything has a much friendlier price for us.
  4. Better quality of life: Being less populated places and do not have the bustle of big cities, you have a level of almost enviable intimacy. The communities are small and all the neighbors know, the events seem to be unique for the inhabitants of the sector and all experiences become richer, varied and intense.
  5. Accessible: Living on the outskirts of cities is virtually a step away from any tourist site, park or landmark. However if we live in the capital and want to visit the camp over the weekend, it will be time duremos jam in the road walking between nature under the sun.
  6. More calm: As we said to live in the neighboring villages to cities allows you to enjoy less noise, less stress and above all a more personal relationship with the community.

Now that you know what the benefits of residing outside Barcelona, ​​you want to show a video of a building located in a residential area of ​​Sitges so you see for yourself the peace that entails.

Is not you like to live in a quiet place like that you have shown in the video? Well if so you just have to visit our section of luxury homes in Sitges and choose the one that suits you according to your needs. Meanwhile, we said goodbye to you until the next post, hoping this was to your liking.

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