Eat in Sitges: 7 restaurants you should know

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Eat in Sitges: 7 restaurants you should know

Get to know the best restaurants to eat in Sitges.

If you are going to buy a villa or you have chosen to rent in our city, you will surely enjoy some of our advice. Among all we can tell you, today we want to talk about eat in Sitges and the 7 restaurants that you can not miss.

The Gastronomy of Sitges

Sitges is a city that has a lot to offer; One of those things is gastronomy. Although there are many pleasures that are enjoyed in the place, one that we can not pass is good food.

This city combines the richness and variety of dishes of the area, which combine the Mediterranean diet and the exclusivity of some of the best-known French products.

The best restaurants to eat in Sitges

As eating and dining is not the same, we will make a distinction to offer you the best options for each hour. Let’s see, first, where can we eat in this Mediterranean city.

  • La Masía

In a much more traditional style we are, very close to Santuari del Vinyet, La Masía restaurant.

Here you can taste dishes typical of Catalan cuisine such as snails in sauce, cod with sanfaina or butifarra, but with a quality and presentation that transforms them into unique culinary experiences.

  • Acqua Sitges

It has an exclusive menu that includes corvina ceviche, monkfish skewer or lamb’s back. Acqua Sitges stands as the best semilujo rice restaurant in the city with specialties such as rice from Senyoret or rice with octopus.

Acqua is one of the restaurants in Sitges that you should try.

  • Can Laury Peix

If what you fall in love with on the coast are your views, Can Laury is for you; one of the restaurants in Sitges on the seafront.

It is a diaphanous place in a style that rides between the traditional and modern located in the Port of Aguadulce. With huge windows that occupy all its walls, the place offers stunning views of the port and its boats. This experience is intensified in its terrace, heated to enjoy the visual spectacle also in winter.

As for the food, the multitude of Mediterranean dishes stands out, according to the location. With Denomination of Origin wines, you will irrigate the most delicious fideuá or the most exclusive rice with the most exclusive lobster in the city.

  • Alenti

Alenti is the hotel restaurant with the same name. It is the ideal place if after eating you like to have the best coffee in the city; your Irish coffee will fascinate you.

However, it is much more what this place located in the Plaza Industria hides. With a charming air but with a design decoration, the place offers two totally differentiated experiences. We have, on the outside terrace, a lively and fun daily scene; Indoors, a romantic and relaxed setting. His signature dish is the mozarella small millefeuille, followed closely by the homemade croquettes and the brie with jam.

Below you can see a video that shows the surroundings and facilities of the restaurant. The dishes look very good, do not you think?

Where to dine in Sitges?

For dinners we have made a selection of places where the light dishes are spectacular, ideal for the last hour of the day. Although, their varied menu makes them a great option to go to eat as well.

  • La cocina

This restaurant, located in the best area of ​​Sitges, offers an exclusive menu from Chef Wayne Janish, a leader in avant-garde cuisine. With light but tasty dishes like bouillabaisse or cod with a crust of lemon and herbs, La Cocina becomes an indispensable dinner for the best palates.

  • La Bocana

This will surely be the best restaurant in Sitges if you want to have a romantic and special dinner; its strategic location on the terrace in the port of the city makes this possible. In addition, it includes a dance floor. Its tartar of bluefin tuna or smoked salmon are an experience for the senses of the hand of Gonzalo Torrelles. They put on the desserts like the pannacotta or the coulant with vanilla, which never fail.

Restautant Bocana, in Sitges.

  • El Trull

This restaurant, located in the center of the city, is the ideal place for business dinners. With a simple decoration, you can enjoy both national and international dishes, among which we highlight the black risotto of shitake and prawns with red fruits or the steak tartar de Angelo, which is the star dish of the place.

This is how restaurants are in Sitges that you can not miss

We have tried to offer you the widest variety of options so that, whatever your gastronomic tastes, you can go out to enjoy, both day and night, an unprecedented culinary experience.

Simple locals, from classical to avant-garde, rustic or diaphanous styles and with sea views, all have something in common: the quality and exclusivity of their dishes, specialties that are referenced throughout the hospitality sector in the community.

What do you think of these seven restaurants to eat in Sitges? Would you add any? We want to know your opinion!

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