Home Staging: The Ideal Resource for Quick Selling Your Luxury Home

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Home Staging: The Ideal Resource for Quick Selling Your Luxury Home

Home staging will help you sell your property quickly.

If you need to sell quickly your luxury home the Home Staging service may be all that you need. Do you know what it is?

One of the handicaps when you want to sell a property is that it is too long for sale. This is not only negative because of having to carry with the expense of housing and not having the benefit of the sale, but because the longer a home (or any other property) passes, the more value it loses. And often the best location is not enough and it is necessary to put all the cards on the table so that an exclusive home is sold at the price it deserves. And this is where Home Staging comes in.

But … What is Home Staging?

Home Staging is a resource that consists of a process of conditioning the home that makes it totally attractive for the client prototype that we choose. Furniture is reorganized, floors are polished, surfaces are polished, comfortable elements are placed, everything is removed in poor condition (or repaired), painted and decorated with neutral but attractive elements, etc.

 Conditioning your home will make you much more attractive and you will love the prospective buyer.

 Why do we propose this resource to close the sale of your home quickly?

It does not take more than 90 seconds to decide that you do not want to buy a home when you see it. It does not seem like a very reasonable amount of time to show the goodness of your property but it is the average that a future buyer uses to discard yours.

Thus, making a good impression in that minute and a half is essential, at least not to get the negative. It will then deal with the irrational part of the person, one that is not based on the location of the house, its price or its distribution but which is attracted by secondary aspects but which are often part of the impulse to give he does. And that is what we do with the techniques of Home Staging that we have commented.

There are two reasons why Home Staging is a highly valued and most frequently used resource:

  • The photos are more attractive: What decides to make an appointment to see a house are the photographs, especially in the luxury sector. Thus, these are especially important for customers such as La Clau Elite. With this resource the images will offer a snapshot in which you would like to participate, which you want to be part of, and this finally makes you decide to see the place; the first step is already done.
  • You sell a dream: When you buy a house like the ones we have for sale, you want more than having a roof underneath. When someone buys a luxury home wants to live a dream truly, imagining how would be all aspects of their life in that dwelling they are visiting; with Home Staging we are able to sell exactly what they are looking for.

Here’s a video of Unique home solutions in which we show the before and after to apply this wonderful technique:

Do you think home staging is a good technique for selling your home? Do you really have the first impression when it comes to selling your home? Write your review!

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