Real Estate Services in Andorra

Advantages of buying or renting an apartment in Andorra

When people think about moving to the Principality of Andorra, the first thing that crosses their mind is the multiple tax advantages that this place offers its residents. However buying flats in Andorra, not only is limited to pay less tax, of course this is one of the many advantages, perhaps the most famous, but it is not the only one.

In this article we want to show you what benefits can bring you moving right now to this amazing area of South-West Europe.

real estate services in andorra

Discovering the advantages of having a flat in Andorra

  1. Tax advantages: Let’s start once and for all to waste the cartridge of tax advantages, then focus on other really important and unknown points for many. For example, if you are an entrepreneur and want to set up your own business, living in Andorra will give you a competitive advantage that not everyone has, which is to pay a lot less tax when creating and launching your project. The same applies with new branches of a company or set up a franchise.
  2. Job advantages: Whether you are a worker or an employer. Andorra is not a state that supports paternalism to the labor unions, a common practice in this area is that both the company and the worker understand each other, negotiate their benefits and have the same freedom of both contracting and to leave at a certain time. Perhaps in the workers eyes are a disadvantage, but seen from another angle, to be yourself who negotiates the conditions, you will always be happy with the result.
  3. Better quality of life: Being a mountain area, Andorra offers you the tranquility of the landscape, communion with nature and complete freedom. It also has the advantage of offering its residents many free events of great quality, which in cities like Barcelona or Madrid would be expensive.
  4. Ease to set appointments with public administration staff: The management or advice for them, are easy to get in Andorra, because we are talking about a place occupied only by 70,000 inhabitants, so you will always meet someone who works or who knows a member of the administration.
  5. Little competition: If you come with a brilliant idea, you will probably find that there is nothing like it in this place. Because being honest, the entrepreneurs of the area simply copy the ideas of existing businesses, changing one quality or another. So if your business is new ideas and innovation most likely you will stand out in the market.
  6. Excellent telecommunications service: Really Andorra is the ideal place for technological entrepreneurs, people who love gadgets or those who live on Internet business. It has the highest speed of broadband in the whole country and its price falls within the standard of the European Union.

So you know, if you are thinking about buying a flat, but you are not clear where to move, we strongly recommend that you put Andorra in your options.