La Clau Elite will take care of everything thanks to its real estate legal department.

O ur real estate legal department aims to offer you a personalized treatment of integral advice, betting on the quality in the service and the diversity of specialties to which to give solution, our mission is to defend at all times your rights.

Real estate Legal Department of La Clau Elite.

Real estate brokerage also requires an in-depth knowledge of the legal and tax aspects that could affect the house you are willing to buy. And more relevant if these aspects are possible when the client by its nationality does not know the Spanish legislation. Thus, the Spanish legal system is significantly different from the rest of Europe, and in the field of the sale Fincas La Clau offers not only the best advice in prospecting real estate, but also a legal department that from the outset you will avoid having to seek legal advice abroad, as well as paperwork, time and effort. For our new clients, both when making an investment, and to process and negotiate the sale of your property, the vast majority, are surprised by the amount of details and legal aspects to consider. For those who already know us, they do not plan to carry out an operation without the collaboration of our legal advisors.

From the beginning you will know from our legal department the registration situation of the house, the charges and taxes that tax it, everything related to the community of owners that integrates the estate, community expenses, spills, etc. We will also deal with the processing of the NIE of non-national buyers (mandatory in the acquisition of a home in Spain), the communication with its credit institution abroad and the transfer of funds necessary for the acquisition of housing and in short, everything necessary to formalize the public deed before a notary with all the guarantees, the liquidation of the transfer tax in the clearing office and the inscription of the property in the Property Registry in the name of its owners. In short, our real estate legal department puts at your disposal all the elements to make your investment as comfortable as possible.

 Because in La Clau Elite we have the key to your dreams.