4 tips and advices to get an exclusive garden

Sitges, an ideal destination to spend the Easter holidays 2018
Sitges: the perfect holiday destination for Easter 2018
March 12, 2018
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4 tips and advices to get an exclusive garden

We give you some essential tips to create an exclusive garden.

In the luxury villas, the garden, like the rest of the elements, must be perfect, being conditioned so that both its possibilities and its visual design are perfect. If this is what you want to achieve, we advise you not to miss these tips and advices to get a luxury garden.

How to condition your garden

We are going to see 4 essential tips to get a private luxury garden in your home:

Choose few materials

Less is more. Even if you have a large garden, take care to choose few materials, although they can be very different.

Using the same materials will bring homogeneity and a very pleasant visual sensation, being able, if the materials and compositions are well chosen, to have an authentic design garden.

Having many materials is only a good idea if you have a really big garden and you want and can create different spaces leaving these well unburned, if not, the image that is created will be chaotic.

You can create beautiful combinations in light wood, stone, steel, bamboo, wrought iron … There are many materials to choose from, that is not the problem; the important thing is how you combine them.

Think about how many plants do you want to have

Enthusiasts of plants are sure to see in a garden the opportunity to have and take care of all the plants there are. However, as with the materials, too much variety can create a chaotic sensation when it is intended that a garden is a harmonious place that relaxes you and transmits tranquility.

You have to choose hundreds of species but try to get both fruit trees and shrubs, low flowers, attractive leaf shrubs, species with marked fragrances… This way, with a good combination you will get real wonders.

Do not forget, of course, to have all the plants taken care of; only in this way will an elegant look be maintained.

The best ideas to decorate your garden.

A wonder for the sight. Pictures from Pinterest.

Set a place for art

Not everything has to be field in a garden. You can also place some sculptures, some jars standing out in a colorful corner, figures in high areas…

There are also more original options such as the designs you can create when mowing the lawn or pruning hedges or directly placing a contemporary abstract figure; In matter of tastes there is nothing written.

Choose the right furniture

A garden with class also includes some pieces of design furniture to be able to spend the time enjoying that little piece of green area that you are lucky to have exclusively at home.

The best exterior material is rattan or metal, since they are the ones that best withstand humidity and high temperatures.

Choose the furniture that you like the most, do not have any problem with it, but first we advise you to create some compositions in your mind, adapting to the available space and, of course, to the uses you are going to give them.

You can create several ambiences: an area to eat with family, with a large table and several chairs, a relaxing reading area with a table and a couple of seats, a relaxation area with a hammock or a bench-swing … The options are unlimited if you have enough space.

Next, we show the garden of a chalet, where you can appreciate how well it is, as well as its plants as decoration!

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