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Our success is our
working method

Our success is governed by the working method, starting from the in-depth study of the client’s needs program and making it our goal to design tomorrow’s architecture and interior design today. We customize projects to the maximum, listening at all times to what our client wants and we develop it in the plans, as in the crucial construction management, controlling it at all times. “We are trained to be able to realize the dreams of our clients”


Experience shows us that every time someone buys a house they want to mold it to their liking, that is why our knowledge and advice in architecture and interior design differentiates us from the rest. The result of a good architectural and interior design work is the consequence of a good previous study of the client’s tastes and of a symbiosis between the technical part, offered by our architects and the artistic part of our designers. If you want your project to obtain the best results, you must have the best professionals, and thus avoid those problems and unforeseen events that may arise without the supervision of a good architect or designer, such as: placement of inappropriate materials, non-compliance of delivery times, non-compliance in the application of technical regulations etc … At La Clau Elite we work to solve the illusions of our clients. You can consult our portfolio of luxury houses in the following link.
In our professional career we have maintained collaborations with construction companies and developers and our goal is to provide the appropriate service for each client according to their needs or interests. At Clau Elite we know that when you want to sell a property, a luxury home, … there are important factors that can tip the balance and one of those factors is the first image of the house to be sold that is why we advise and study the best project to facilitate the sale of the house. Keep in mind that the first impression is very important, and those small unfinished reforms or the lack of furniture and details in a home, can make it not show all its possibilities.