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Get to know the best restaurants to eat in Sitges.

Eat in Sitges: 7 restaurants you should know

If you are going to buy a villa or you have chosen to rent in our city, you will surely enjoy some of our advice. Among all we can tell you, today we want to talk about eat in Sitges and the 7 restaurants that you can not miss. The Gastronomy of Sitges Sitges is a city that has a lot to offer; One of those things is gastronomy. Although there are many pleasures that are enjoyed in the place, one that...

Activities to spend Christmas in Sitges

Christmas in Sitges: activities and events you can´t miss

The extensive Christmas program that we can find in Sitges, such as Christmas parks, solidarity races, Christmas markets, exhibition of nativity scenes ... Make this town one of the most charming places to spend Christmas 2016. Are you thinking of organizing a family day with the whole family? Do you want to live the most charming traditions of this locality? In this article of La Clau Elite we propose a...

bedroom with minimalist decor.

The Image of the property is everything

It is no secret that first impressions are everything in life. Remember the day you went to get your first job, everything you strive to look like a high-end professional and not as a newly returned from a college or that time when you invited out to the girl of your dreams and you decided you were going to look to the fullest. In fact, this obsession with detail is something that has accompanied human...


Advantages of living on the outskirts of Barcelona

Many people today are considering living in surrounding areas to large urban capitals. The main reasons for such a decision are the prices of the properties, for example in Badalona or Sant Just Desvern, housing prices and rents are much cheaper than those offered in Barcelona. Another major reason is related to quality of life, for example, if you adquirieras a villa in Sitges owned or rented because you...


Opening soon pos Rentseason in Andorra

We are pleased to announce that following the success of RENTSEASON, LA CLAU department specializes in rent in the area of Sitges GROUP, we expanded our offer with the opening of a new office in Andorra, specifically in the street Maria Pla result 22 Andorra la Vella. Thus, eventful in our online platform for the vacation rental www.rentseason.com a wide range of houses and flats very close to the ski...