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We give you some essential tips to create an exclusive garden.

4 tips and advices to get an exclusive garden

In the luxury villas, the garden, like the rest of the elements, must be perfect, being conditioned so that both its possibilities and its visual design are perfect. If this is what you want to achieve, we advise you not to miss these tips and advices to get a luxury garden. How to condition your garden We are going to see 4 essential tips to get a private luxury garden in your home: Choose few...

Discover all the advantages of Google Home

Google Home: the tool that will turn your home into the house of the future

The Simpsons predicted it, as usual. In one of the Halloween specials, the most famous yellow family on television turned their house into a futuristic home that solved the chores of the home. The software used the data of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie to discover their tastes, and in that way, make their lives easier, a fiction that now becomes reality. A decade after the premiere of that chapter...

Perfect ideas of kitchen decoration

5 ideas for kitchen decoration that you´ll love

There are some rooms in the home that are not given much attention when it comes to style; however, all the rooms can be beautiful if we do it well. Let's see some ideas about kitchen decoration today to give them personality  Tips for kitchen decoration In the Clau Elite, as experts in the sale of luxury villas we know that, in addition to having a good property, the decoration and interior design of...

uscan style garden decoration

Garden decoration: design a garden inspired by Tuscany

If you loved our post about designing an Arab garden, but you do not end up convincing yourself the style, look out! today we propose another different one about garden decoration: how to recreate the Tuscan style and transportarte to a characteristic country for its great constructions, its eternal paintings and its places of dream. Why bet on this style in garden decoration? The Tuscan garden takes...

House decorated with nordic style

Nordic style: the decorative trend that comes to stay

The setting of the home is something important for anyone, because it makes us feel really comfortable. Choosing a suitable style, which provides comfort and safety should be our priority. One of the decorative styles that is trend at this time and it seems that will stay with us for a long time is the Nordic style. In this post, we tell you all about this! 10 Steps to Getting a Nordic Style Home Let's...