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Home staging will help you sell your property quickly.

Home Staging: The Ideal Resource for Quick Selling Your Luxury Home

If you need to sell quickly your luxury home the Home Staging service may be all that you need. Do you know what it is? One of the handicaps when you want to sell a property is that it is too long for sale. This is not only negative because of having to carry with the expense of housing and not having the benefit of the sale, but because the longer a home (or any other property) passes, the more value...

The Festival of Sitges 2017 is this october

Festival of Sitges 2017, are you going to miss it?

The Festival of Sitges 2017 is very close. There are only a few days left and we have already noticed how the the holiday rental in the city has skyrocketed. And is that this is one of the most important events in the country and the fact that it is celebrated in a time as appropriate as it is the beginning of autumn makes the interest to move to Sitges increase. Do you want to know what we are going to...

install an outdoor jacuzzi in your house

Outdoor Jacuzzi: an oasis of wellbeing for your home

Increasingly the villas owners choose to add touches of elegance and efficiency to their home, using the best materials, latest technology and the most exclusive furniture. An example of this is the decoration with marble, the latest developments in home automation (such as climate control and lighting in the home) and the installation of heated swimming pools with all amenities, private spa or outdoor...