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Google Home: the tool that will turn your home into the house of the future

Discover all the advantages of Google Home

The Simpsons predicted it, as usual. In one of the Halloween specials, the most famous yellow family on television turned their house into a futuristic home that solved the chores of the home. The software used the data of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie to discover their tastes, and in that way, make their lives easier, a fiction that now becomes reality. A decade after the premiere of that chapter comes Google Home, a tool that will turn our house into the house of the future.

Google Home will not know how to prepare lavish recipes by itself or give us a sparkling bath with candles, but incorporates certain features that will make our lives much more comfortable. It is one more step of technology to build the smart home in its entirety. It will no longer be necessary for the user to memorize robotic commands to activate their options, but this device from Google offers a much more natural interaction, a much more optimized artificial intelligence to achieve an operating system adapted to the public. But before dissecting its advanced features, let’s really explain what Google Home is.

What is Google Home?

It would be incorrect to define it as an application or software, since it is a physical object. In fact, Google has been careful to aesthetically not damage the decoration and has created a minimalist device that adapts to the modern style of today’s homes. In addition, it has a range of different shades to combine it with the color of the room in which it is located, so beyond its undoubted technological value, it is a very interesting complement for luxury apartments and villas, where the interior design is cared of the maximum detail.

Digitize your home with Google Home

Continuing with the definition of what Google Home is, the most appropriate concept could be that of a speaker, with the nuance that this device not only emits, but also has the capacity to receive. It is composed of two well differentiated parts, the upper one is the tactile zone, from where the user can interact with the interface with the fingertips to modulate the volume, deactivate the microphone of the device or navigate through the different options, while the bottom is the speaker itself, and the cover that protects it.(which as we have said is available in various colors).

And here we leave behind the explanation of the hardware, to focus on its software, which is undoubtedly its great sign of identity.

Turn your home into a digital home

The great virtue of Google Home is that it transforms any house into a digital home, no matter what it the brand of the appliances that make up the home. The Californian company has wanted in this way to facilitate the user’s life, and that he does not have to set his property with products only designed by Google to use this device. Therefore, Google Home works both with articles from the same company as with others that belong to third parties.

Its operating system is Google Assistant, so to interact with it, you just need to say the magic words: “Ok Google”, and from there order any action. The objective of this device is not to depend on our hands to activate various options, such as listening to music. Imagine being in the kitchen with your hands busy and wanting to put music in the background so your culinary skills flow. Thanks to Google Home, you can save yourself the process of washing your hands to pick up your phone and activate your player. Only with using your voice, you can put the song you want without stopping your routine.

So you can get an idea, here we leave the presentation video of Google Home:

Why bet on house automation at home

Making your house a digital home is a huge wealth of advantages. It not only serves to provide you with functions that you may need at any given time (be it playing music, turning on the television or answering a doubt that may arise in a family conversation), but thanks to Google Home and other home assistant devices, you can automate tasks. The modern concept known as domotics at home every time sounds louder, present in any house of the future, which are now part of the present…

Thanks to this feature, you can favor that the energy use of your home is much more efficient, a precious virtue for any luxury home, since the correct use of energy is not only a fundamental characteristic of any smart home, it is also a request increasingly demanded by buyers of exclusive properties.

What do you think of this tool? Would you try it? Do you think Google Home is a big step for the smart home?

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