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The Image of the property is everything

  • 8 years ago
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bedroom with minimalist decor.

It is no secret that first impressions are everything in life. Remember the day you went to get your first job, everything you strive to look like a high-end professional and not as a newly returned from a college or that time when you invited out to the girl of your dreams and you decided you were going to look to the fullest. In fact, this obsession with detail is something that has accompanied human beings always, members of the great ancient civilizations, sought to express their individuality carrying pieces of jewelry, costumes with colors and exotic prints with unusual hairstyles.

With this little skit we want to make you see that in real estate is exactly the same and therefore …

The image represents your property you

Today, people do not just limit ourselves in terms of our physical appearance, also have been adding other areas of our life to the image we want to project, among these extensions of ourselves the car we drive are and of course home in which we life. Regarding this last point, we at La Clau Elite, we have designed a full service architectural consulting and interior design, with the goal of not only creating eye a pleasant space, but express the personality of the client while we satisfy all your needs.

Assessing the architecture of your home

Our extensive experience as estate agents has taught us that several times, customers want to adapt the design of a house to your preferences or explicit needs. For example, a luxury property provides a range of amenities ideal for a large percentage of individuals and yet, in the case of an artist, have the limitation of not providing a workshop for his works.

At LaClau Elite, it has an experienced group of architects who heard his problem, give full consideration to the design and structure of the home and then design a project to help you create that space both longs for respecting that remodels maintain harmony with the original design.

When the important thing is the decoration of the property

The work of an interior designer, is to ensure that each space or environment of a building, transmit a set of unique sensations that are pleasing to the people who make life in it. There are three areas of a home that tend to be critical in terms of decoration and general distribution, these are the kitchen, the main living area and bedroom. In Spain, owning a finely designed kitchen, which is spacious and enjoys a good distribution, you can increase the price of the property by up to 20% of its original value.

The decor is an art that is studied in some detail, because all the elements of a room must provide not only harmony to the environment, must also provide practicality, spaciousness of space and light. That is why our interior designers are experts in the use of colors, materials and use of space.

Now that you know how beneficial it can be the condition your home if you plan to put on sale, we want to share with you this video entitled “How to transform your home from top to bottom to sell faster and at the best price” posted on the Youtube channel El Confidencial TV, where you can observe the views of the current owners where you show all the possibilities that immediately perceived when buying your property.

We hope this article has been to your liking, before saying goodbye and remind you that you can leave your comments reflected thereon, following the thread of this post.

A greeting and until the next article. 🙂

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