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Sitges: the perfect holiday destination for Easter 2018

Sitges, an ideal destination to spend the Easter holidays 2018

Something less than a month for the Easter holidays 2018, it is the final stretch of the planning of this year’s trip, although only a few follow the calendar. If you are part of that immense majority that has not yet decided their destiny, do not worry, you still have two options. On the one hand, you can continue without deciding and miss the opportunity to spend some incredible days in one of the most beautiful cities of the Mediterranean coast, or on the other, pay attention to us and take advantage of what we tell you next.

If you have decided to continue reading, you are about to make the right decision. The Easter holidays are a few days in the middle of the year that if you take advantage of them, they can be the best set-up to rest, charge batteries and face the last months before the summer with the best attitude, so no it is convenient to miss this opportunity.

Among all the offers of Holy Week 2018, there are plans for all tastes, but only a few generate a total unanimity among the public, and spend a few days in the heart of Garraf is without a doubt, one of them. The holiday rental in Sitges is one of the most demanded in Spain, and such a fact cannot be a coincidence. It is one of those cities that have it all. History, sea, mountain, culture … and a tourist infrastructure of a high level, perfect for you and your family.

Why spend Easter in Sitges?

Among all the destinations of Easter holidays 2018, this municipality located south of Barcelona capital is one of the most charming places in the Mediterranean. Its enormous tourist value seduces the public of all sectors, especially the high standing.

Its three marinas (one of them, Port Ginesta, the largest in Europe), and above all, its exclusive properties both on the beach and in the hills located on the slopes of Massís del Garraf, make it one of the most desired points by those seeking a more exclusive type of tourism. The villas in Sitges are one of the mecca of modernism in what the real estate sector is concerned. This artistic current is more than present in every corner of the city, and designers and architects have known how to apply it perfectly to homes, not only so that aesthetics are respectful with their surroundings, but so that whoever stays in them can enjoy the charm of the city 24 hours a day.

leisure and fun in Sitges

This city knows how important luxury tourism is for its economy and takes care of everything down to the smallest detail so that everyone who visits it comes back, and the results speak for themselves. The holiday rental in Sitges lives one of its best moments, and is that few places have been able to adapt to its demand as this municipality has done.

Few places offer the traditional tourist charms mixed with respect for privacy as Sitges does. Even at such a busy time of year as Easter is, this city offers its visitors all the exclusivity they need so that they can enjoy its great attraction as they deserve. Its selective demand allows that there are no large crowds of people, its great distinction with respect to other coastal destinations. In addition, if at any time you prefer to take refuge in solitude with your family, Sitges has infinity of places of leisure where you can drink something in an intimate atmosphere, without great hustle and bustle around you. For things like that, it is without any doubt, one of the best destinations for Easter 2018.

What to do in Sitges during this Easter holidays 2018?

Easter is the ideal time to visit and stay in one of the chalets in Sitges, if possible, at the foot of Massís del Garraf. The location of these mountains next to the Mediterranean Sea creates a micro-climate that is especially enjoyed in the spring months, marked by a very pleasant softness, ideal to take advantage of time with outdoor activities.

If Sitges is finally your choice for Easter 2018, you can enjoy its 26 beaches, some of them so hidden that the real experience will be to find them. Visit its emblematic old town is another of the safe options that you must do yes or yes, as well as enjoy in first person the nature of its interior areas, where is the Garraf Natural Park, where to make a hiking trail is one of the best activities to do during your Easter holidays.

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